The importance of environment in educational programs

With a view to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the environment becomes an essential component of educational programs that integrate crosscurricular competencies for the purposes of education for citizenship, peace and sustainable development. Since the 1960s, environmental education has emerged as a form of education essential to convey messages of protection and respect for natural heritage. Activists, ecologists and teachers, among others, have dedicated themselves to transmitting environmental messages in a perspective of awareness of the importance of preserving and respecting nature. In order to know more about stnicholas school, visit the official web site.

“Every child we teach is a man we win,” said Victor Hugo

Teach a primary school child a concept at school, back in his home and he will have fun talking with his parents about what he has learned. It is with this in mind that this theme of EEMS (Environmental Education in the School Environment) is to inculcate children from an early age environmental concepts and ecocitizen actions to conduct daily to clean and clean his living environment. This project aims to train individuals aware of the complexity and fragility of their living environment, able to act and participate in a local or global context, carrying values ​​of respect and engaged in responsible behavior, to ensure the sustainability of the environment. It is therefore an education for the environment, the environment, relating to the environment.

The importance of environmental education

UNESCO reports in its first report United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and, “the importance of environmental education and sustainable development in the promotion of a vision for a “more sustainable and just global community through different education, public awareness and training activities”.Environmental education in schools intervenes to work to empower individuals to respect and improve their living environment, to contribute to the development of ecocitizenship. It is an environmental education, which allows a crossdisciplinary approach of concepts and disciplines. Environmental education in schools in our country can be structured around the following main points

  • Access to drinking water and sanitation
  • Waste management in schools
  • Body hygiene and health
  • The management of noise pollution
  • The establishment of groves in schools.

The role and the functions of teachers

Teachers are the main actors in formal environmental education. Their contributions, their professional practices and the example they offer students are essential factors in developing the profile of the ecocitizen they form. Environmental education goes beyond the simple contemporary concern.It seems to be a necessity, not only for the survival of the planet and the sustainability of natural resources, but also for the education and development of young people. It is therefore not limited to simply acquiring the different knowledge necessary to adopt responsible behavior and to actively participate in the preservation and resolution of environmental problems, but it is very promising in its contributions to the development and development of personalities and minds capable of apprehending the world in its complexity and diversity.

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